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Digital Marketing For Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is the most booming and evergreen industry in India. Healthcare industry comprises of speciality doctors, hospitals, nursing care, pathology, medical equipment suppliers, medical tourism, pharma manufacturers, etc.

How Digital Marketing helps Specialty Doctors and Hospitals?

When competition is heavy, a medical practice needs all of the web traffic that it can get. You've got a staff to pay and expenses to cover your clinic/hospital needs to remain as busy as possible every day. More people than ever search for local businesses such as doctors  clinics online, so online healthcare digital marketing is the ideal way to keep new patients flowing in at the most reasonable price possible.

Digital Marketing For Health Industry
Top 4 benefits of digital marketing for healthcare
  • Build online visibility throughout the internet
  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Acquire more patients
  • Improve the online reputation

With a little creativity, you can find a virtually endless array of ways to market your medical practice online.

How Digital Marketing Agencies can help Healthcare

Behind every healthy brand is a well-rounded communications strategy. All the more along these lines, in the digital world with regards to advertising your healthcare brand via web based, passing on trust and straightforwardness to your customer can be your greatest distinct advantage. An integrative digital marketing methodology that puts understanding training and information at its center is the thing that will separate you from others.

  • Digital marketing is a Useful Approach to get more reach and brand awareness

,One of the benefits of digital marketing is that healthcare providers can not only advertise their services, but they can also manage their brands better and unlike never before. This comes in handy when attempting to attract new patients as it provides doctors with an opportunity to expand their reach. Plus, thanks to digital marketing, any doctor's clinic can now have access to a complete suite of online tools and techniques for huge results. With digital marketing, doctors do not have to worry about a lack of exposure, because they will be able to reach millions of people via social media and strategic Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. This is so much more efficient compared to the techniques used in traditional advertising.

  • Showcase your services through a website

The most important platform that serves as the first point of contact between you and a potential patient is your website and landing pages. The user experience provided by your website will lay the foundation for the first impression created on the visitors. To provide the best user experience, it is important to create a website or landing page that is extremely navigable and user-friendly.

Furthermore, you must ensure it contains all the adequate information patients look for while searching for medical help. Important details such as doctors profile, consultation timings, health departments, courses of treatment and procedure to fix an appointment are extremely vital. Additionally, you can implement AMP-enabled pages for lightning-fast loading speed, to ensure visitors stay on your website and do not bounce off.

  • SEO Benefits for Doctors

Doctors have the facility to maximize their online presence and better brand themselves through the effective use of SEO. It allows doctors to be found higher in search engine results. For example, customers who are conducting a Google search for doctors in their local area, will be able to find the doctor's office much faster. This is one mistake that doctor's offices make: they build a website, publish it online and forget about it. Imagine you have a great website, case studies, blogs, and videos but your patients can't find you on Google.

Today, the best websites use SEO to bring their websites higher in search engines which provides more exposure to potential patients. So instead of doctors seeking out patients, patients should be able to seek out the doctor's clinic / hospital for the medical treatments.

  • Leverage local SEO for higher walk-ins

As per a recent survey, 39% of patients choose their practitioner from a Google search. These statistics prove that listing your clinic or medical practice on Google My Business Listings plays a huge role in increasing your visibility and footfalls. Ensure you provide ready information with updated phone numbers, complete address, services, working hours and a link to your website. GMB listings also offer reviews shared by older patients and visitors that add credibility to your practice. Additionally, you can also feature relevant blog posts in your listings, providing viewers with a detailed glance of what you have to offer.

  • Social media strategy for doctors

The main benefits of social media for doctors are that they get to stay in touch with their patients and they can also reach new people who may be interested in seeing the medical provider. Doctors can easily boost case studies or special services on social media and obtain more exposure, which in the end, will provide even more value for these targeted marketing efforts.

Plus, social media can be used by a doctor to share important ideas, relevant industry information and even provide medical advice. Social media marketing is also a very inexpensive technique compared to other types of outdoor marketing.

By implementing digital marketing properly, doctors can generate buzz surrounding their business, which will eventually help to generate more revenue for the practice.

The demographics and preferences of Facebook and Instagram are quite different than that of LinkedIn. So, it is always ideal to strategize your social media campaign based on the nature of the platform. There is no better tool than social media to address the complaints and concerns of your customers.

For instance, online communities and discussion forums are great tools to handle customer complaints. Hashtag campaigns, infographics, quizzes, memes, hangout interactions and live chats are other ways to effectively engage your audience through social media.

  • Inbound Marketing

As we all know, Inbound marketing always differs from traditional marketing in that it is a responsive marketing strategy. It also means that it constantly evolves to meet the needs of the target audience. Technology has made accessing important information quick and easy. Because of technology and the internet, your patients have become a more knowledgeable audience. These are few things which you should consider in today's time when it comes to inbound marketing.

  • As we earlier said, you must have a website and it must possess the following three basic fundamentals of website which are good website design such as Strong Visual Appeal,Accessible Navigation and Mobile Compatibility
  • Then comes the SEO part which should be the main strategy of your inbound marketing. The strong SEO strategy will help you to improve the ways in which people find your practice. When you write content for your practice, taking popular keywords and phrases your patients might use in order to find you and/or your specialty. If you do this on a consistent basis it will improve your search engine ranking and in turn, help people find your practice more easily.

For example, analytics will show you things like how many new visitors came to your website, what referral site brought them there, and even their demographics and personal contact information. Using this data, you can tweak your inbound marketing strategy to generate more leads and book more appointments.

  • Educate and enlighten with informative blogs

After creating a user-friendly website, the next area of focus is to build strong informational blogs that resonant with your medical practice. According to statistics, there are about 3.5 million medical searches on Google on a day-to-day basis. As a first step, you need to understand those subjects which are being constantly searched on the Internet. From informational content on symptoms and treatment options and FAQs to home remedies and simple tricks, you can use your blog as a platform to give simple advice to your customers. Additionally, there is no better place than blogs to feature the success stories of your patients. Customer testimonials can greatly influence your website traffic and readership. To stay relevant, it is important to plan an effective content strategy by identifying the important dates and months in the world of health.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another effective approach when it comes to digital marketing for doctors. Resourceful emailers help practitioners connect with their audience at a more personal level. Your patients will find it extremely useful as the information is right there in the inbox before even they plan to search for it.

Email marketing can also be used for mass mailing to announce certain news like new treatments launched, new branches opened in other areas, webinars about pandemic disease, new technology or invention in the healthcare industry, etc.

You can stay connected with old patients to remind them for regular checkups, ask online reviews as well as ask for patient recommendations from family or society groups, etc.

  • Leverage videos to invoke emotions

Recent statistics show that there are 5 million videos that are watched on YouTube every single day. Engaging videos generate 1200% more shares than images and texts combined. Videos are a great digital marketing strategy for building credibility and authenticity for your brand. There is nothing more engaging than watching a medical professional provide deep insights on a particular disease or treatment. It helps your patients feel at ease and assures them that they are in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Videos are also an appropriate place to feature your customer testimonials. The greatest advantage of videos is its ability to invoke a wide range of emotions like hope, passion and courage which pushes them further down the marketing funnel.

  • Adopt a multilingual approach

Multilingual marketing is a great way to genuinely connect with your audience in a language they are comfortable in. By 2020, 9 out of every 10 Internet users will be consuming content in regional languages. Adopting a multilingual marketing strategy will give medical practitioners an early mover's advantage to connect with their audience and stay ahead of their competitors. However, it is vital to take up an end-to-end multilingual strategy, from vernacular videos to regional ads, in order to create an impact and increase the credibility of your practice.

We at Yelkotech have an excellent track record of working on multiple healthcare clients like hospitals, doctors and healthcare apps to build online visibility, brand awareness, acquiring new patients and improve the online reviews, etc.

If you are looking for a healthcare digital marketing agency Let's consult with our healthcare digital marketing consultant today and brainstorm the ideas to create a new success story for your organization.

Case Studies

Website Name : Homeopathy4all


Before she started SEO, many of the main keyword did not get that result which they were looking for. It was a rare situation, where their name pops up in a search result. Even her website had some technical issues such as error on website pages, product pages were a little bland and the website was not SEO friendly. She even just get 80-100 session per day


We gave her the recommendation to upgrade the website, clean, proper and SEO Friendly.With our services, now with all updates, now she gets 1000 sessions per week. New users are sure as well coming to the site which has increased from 50% to 89%. We even optimised and improved their search engine visibility by featuring local keywords, implemented in SEO Metadata. We even managed to create high quality backlinks through forum submission, guest posting, content marketing etc.

We also have noticed that organic sessions have increased more than 200% using competitive keywords . Most of the highly competitive keywords rank on the 1st page and also according to the Search Console Performance report. Their average position is 19.3. Average CTR is 7% . Total impression they are getting 265K.

Apart from that, they even wanted more traffic which they originally got. So we suggested them PPC as a pay per click option where you pay to google to get more traffic and sales. So we helped her to run Google Ads Account, since with this, their search increase was 5X more and they were able to sell medicines and consulting sessions as well. They get 5-10 Leads per month, whether it is organic or paid.

With the above methods, they also got their Google Local Rankings are in good results and some local keywords like :  homeopathic clinic in thane  rank in the local pack.

Google My Business Page : Dr Salil Patkar (Oncologist in Navi Mumbai)


Since he had no presence in the online world, and whenever someone searched for his name online, he never appeared in a single search except in listings such as Practo or Just Dial. Since Dr Salil Patkar did not want to go the paid method where he can get instant success, we suggested to him the idea of just plain local rankings and social media networks where he can get followers. But his main objective was to come in the local ranking in top 5 rankings.


We have worked with optimising his social media profiles separately instead of his clinic name, which would be very helpful for his and our case as well. So our SEO Team identified few keywords which are competitive, but we were managed to get him in first page and in some keywords we managed to get in top 5, after doing his every single activity via giving backlinks.

After working on the SEO and Social Media process, we have seen that his names were popping up as he collaborated with news media such as Zee 24 Taas and then his collaboration with Apollo Hospitals which helped us in the rankings as well and got new followers at Social Media. We even managed to get post engagement which helped us to get 10% boost in rankings from page 2 to page 1.

And during May, he is always on the first page, but as local rankings work, he is always changing between sometimes first five rankings to first ten rankings for certain competitive keywords.

Currently in Social Media, Dr Salil Patkar's FB Page has more than 500 Followers and in Instagram more than 100 followers.


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