Usage of Hashtags

With the Internet dominating almost every domain of our lives, the significance of social media has increased exponentially. Today, online businesses have gained a respectable position with the use of hashtag marketing. It is a robust way to improve business visibility and ensure premium publicity. Use of hashatgs in social media is common now because it provides ample exposure for aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs. A hashtag on Facebook guarantees to get more traffic on your Facebook page.

A Facebook hashtag when included in your blog posts allows your target audience to discover your content easily when they search for similar information. A hashtag simply connects the user with public posts having similar hashtags. It is quite easy to create a clickable hashtag link on your Facebook profile; Log into your account and then follow the given simple steps

How to Create a Hashtag on Facebook

Step 1: Access your Facebook profile and for that click on the “Home” link at the upper right corner

Step 2: You need to enter your post in the “Update Status” field.

Step 3: The phrase you want to add to your post should be preceded by a“#” sign. You should not give any spaces between the words. Punctuation marks are incompatible so stick to letters and numbers for making your Facebook hashtag.

Step 4: After you have finished typing click on “Post” and your hashtag will appear as a clickable link.

Step 5: It is your own choice to make your post public, but to garner more attention; it is advised that all your posts should be made available to the users.

Similarly you can create hashtags in Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ platforms.

Pointers to Assess

Using hashtag in social media is trendy, but you must consider these few pointers for successfully utilizing it.

  • Use content specific hashtags: The function of hashtags is to allow users on social sites like Facebook to search for related posts. Therefore while posting hashtags you need to be content specific. Hashtags are not decorative devices that are clumsily added regardless of the content; such purposeless hashtags can negatively affect your online venture.
  • Clarity of Meaning: The hashtag used should clearly outline the fundamental idea of your content, for instance if you are posting about cricket/tennis rather than giving a hashtag like “#games” you should give the name of the particular game, i..e #Cricket /#Tennis. Also while typing hashtags capitalize the first letter of each different word for better readability.
  • Creativity: While determining your hashtag you need to be a bit creative especially if you are interested in doing serious business. In order to rise above your competitors you need to use your creative skills to devise unique hashtags that represent your product or industry.
  • Minimal use: Avoid littering your posts with hashtags, because it might generate negative views among users. Too many hashtags might seem as a desperate attention seeking technique which will not help you in any way. Keep a maximum of two hashtags per post to ensure publicity without being tagged as spammy.
  • Offers for Users: In order to generate more traffic you can design incentives akin to promotional offers for users who are using your hashtag while posting updates, this practice will surely boost your business.


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