Top 10 Digital To Do for your Business during Lockdown

Since there has been an extension of lockdown till 3rd May, it is high time to think about pending items for your company which helps to build credibility and awareness. Here are the few tips which we believe can help your company to grow in near future.

  1. Design mobile responsive and professional website

Are you sure you don’t have a website till date? Business websites help build credibility and get more leads online. Website is the backbone of any business which tells your clients about your brand, products and services as well as your USPs, case studies, etc. 

Why are you waiting? Let’s plan your website design today. We are here to help you.

  1. Upgrade your website with latest technology, design, content, features, etc

If you think a website is perfect and everything is up to date, then it is good for you. But for those who designed website long time ago, here are the few tasks which you can update –

  • Nowadays 80 to 90% of customers access the website through mobile. Google is also giving more weightage to mobile friendly websites to improve the user experience. So, it is very important to design/upgrade the mobile responsive website.
  • Work on load time of your website. Your web page should load within max 3 to 4 seconds which is the ideal time customers wait for.
  • Rewrite the content to make it more professional. Think about adding new service pages or write informative blog posts, case studies, etc.
  • Go through your competitor’s websites. Do they present their products or services in a more engaging or thorough way? Is there anything to learn from them?
  • Look on images that fit better to tell your brand story or just for a freshen up. Changing images is a great way to give a site a new look and feel.
  • Go through with your Google Analytics Reports. Try to find out where your customers come from, what devices are used to look at your website, their geographical location and check other user behaviour patterns. It will help to optimize your online marketing strategies.
  • Think to add any engagement features like live chat feature, WhatsApp plugin, pop up inquiry form, video integration, CRM integration, etc.
  • Keep your WordPress software up-to-date, upgrade PHP versions, implementing SSL whichever the things required for speed, security and reliability. 

3 . Register for professional Email Id and shift your company emails on G-suite

Professional email is more credible and trustworthy rather than generic Gmail or other addresses. Register for your domain specific email id like or, etc.

We recommend you to shift your business emails on G-suite which gives more storage, security and other products collaboration features.

  1. Create informative videos about your products/services and share with your prospects and social media channels

Try to make explanatory informative videos about your products and services to get more engagement and awareness. As actress Erica Fernandez says “In such uncertain times like these, the best thing people can do for themselves is to first educate themselves and others around them about how to effectively deal with the situation at hand. The same thing goes with your products or services

  1. Optimise your social media channels effectively and do online social networking

We are social creatures and, although the lockdown has forced everyone into solitary mode, social media has become the primary mode of communication. The most prominent social media platforms have seen considerable increases in traffic because everyone has to stay home without much options.

Now is the time to engage with customers via your social media channels. Answer their questions and assist with their queries to the best of your ability. Your audience is spending more time online anyway. Use the time to forge meaningful connections.

Work on SEO-value into your social media posts and content. If possible, add relevant keywords to your posts, so they gain traction. The right keywords can make a big difference in how your posts perform.

  1. Design professional company profile / product catalogue to impress the customers

Design your company profile or product catalogue with as much information and graphics to make it more attractive, so that you can be ready once lockdown is over. The more the creative catalogue, the better company reputation you will get.

  1. Write informative blogs on website to educate your clients and prospects

Try to write informative blogs about your products /services which can not only add value to the website from the SEO point of view, but educate your clients about all other services you do. It will prompt them to consider taking your services. It will also help in ranking your website in Google.

  1. Do SEO on website

Investing some time in your SEO will make you more money in the long run. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which generates organic / free traffic to websites from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. When a potential customer types a search query on Google, your website should rank on the first page. Customers don’t venture to the second page of Google search results. The first page carries more credibility and online visibility.

If you feel it is too vast and complicated for you, don’t worry, our SEO consultants will do the needful for you.

     9. Send periodic emails to customers about your special offers or any other industry updates to keep them engaged

As per recent research more than 90% of customers check their email on a daily basis.

Email communication has become an integral part of the business communication. It is vital in today’s world. We believe sending emails to your customers can help you in building strong relationships as well as lead generation.

It’s easy, effective, and inexpensive. Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers and increase conversion at very minimal cost.

Ideally you should send max 2 to 3 emails per month to promote special offers, events or inform any other updates related to your company or industry.

  1. Develop Digital Visiting Card

The purpose of a digital business card is very simple: that is to help you connect with more potential clients or partners.

In today’s digital world, it provides you with a modern way to share your contact information.

E-business cards facilitate your potential clients / partners to access your website, email, address and social media URLs from a single platform.

Share your digital business card with people through Text (SMS), Email, QR Code, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

  1. Bonus Tip: Create or update your Google Local Business Profile

Nowadays many people use “near me” keywords in Google to find nearby vendors like “interior designers near me, property agents near me, photographers near me, etc”. Google shows nearby business listings based on the ip location of the user. If your business listing ranks on top in your region then you could get many free leads from local areas.

If you have not yet registered yet then do it today. If you have it already but not updated for a long time then check your Google My Business listing for accuracy. Especially opening hours, address, phone numbers, list of services, website address, etc. Remember, this listing comes up when people use Google maps. They may be navigating towards your business location so accuracy is important.

Sounds interesting? 

Kindly contact our digital marketing consultants to opt any of professional digital marketing services from the above list and increase your business exponentially.


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