Increase Traffic From Social Media

Content can make or break your website. It plays a determining role in improving your website ranking on the search engine. Subsequently, businesses today are aggressively publishing content to build their audience, increase their website traffic, and eventually make sales. However, each content piece written may not give them optimal benefits. That is where content marketing steps in. The method intelligently uses the content across the different social media channels to improve brand recognition and generate sales. This article suggests tips on how to increase traffic on website through social media, use it to your advantage.

Shared Content- The Process

On social media, sharing your content several times can cause sturdy reactions. You should share your links a few times; otherwise, they may never see any of your updates. However, if you post too much content, viewers ultimately will learn to disregard or overlook your tweets, and may unfollow you. It would put you in the category of a “spammer.” Now you wouldn’t like to be called a spammer isn’t it?

If you must share your content several times, you must follow some rules, which are discussed below:

  • Your social feeds is for your supporters so take it easy
  • Create a smart schedule than fill your audience spam boxes with your content
  • Evaluate how you want to use the social media and create and abide to “Do Not Cross Spam Line”
  • How would you react if others copied your strategy? So think when you are tempted to copy.
  • Promote content more than once but is should have value

Now that the ground is laid for content marketing, how to increase traffic on website through social media- is a million dollar question.

Share Your Content Repeatedly: Here’s How

  • Step 1: Build a Content Sharing Schedule

To begin distributing your content over the social media repeatedly, you must design a simple schedule that will offer guidelines and how often you want to share your content on each channel. Be careful in your planning because you don’t intend to send your content in a clump, if you do so, you would be a spammer. You may choose to send informative content on weekly, monthly or yearly basis, instead of daily.

  • Step 2: Say No to Sharing Same Message Twice 

You can increase traffic on your website by not sharing the same message twice. This process will segregate you from unruly spammers. Often, our shared blog post on social media contain title of the post, few hashtags, and a link, and this may get repetitive for your readers, if you are not cautious on using combinations in your blogs.

  • Step 3: Content Optimization for Different Social Networking sites

Each social network differently displays text and images – do you consider this fact when creating social messages? Umm…. Perhaps not!

Add value to your posts by making them appear attractive. For example, use bullets to highlight features, or perhaps bold the titles.

  • Step 4: Evaluate Results 

It is important to evaluate the results as it allows you to keep the modifications that work for you on social media channels, and skip the others.


  • Is there an increase or a decline in post activity?
  • Has your audience given a negative feedback?
  • Is your content reading poorly and audience losing interest? 

Social media is a good way to improve the traffic strength on your website. A good post can get viral, but remember to share content in a proper manner; else, you will become a spammer. With this helpful guide, you can effectively promote your business online.

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