How To Create Shareable Content

How To Create Shareable Content

The usefulness of social media comes from its ability to tap into the most inherent desire among people — the desire to share. For different reasons people share. Here are the accurate triggers of human psychology that inspires one to do so, and how you can operate them.

Social Validation:

There is a strong desire for approval instilled in the people. In a recent statistics, it was found that people were 32% more likely to up-vote a pre-liked comment. This require for validation makes fame infectious. In fact, it is true that, the reputation of something in a person’s mind is unswervingly proportional to the popularity of that object among a group that person always identifies with. The most important thing that the blog and the shareable content with perfectly placed keywords can do is to make the site place at the top of the search engines.

  • What to do:Make sharing buttons clearly visible around the content you publish. This is the major content marketing strategy and this strategy can pull up the site for getting a best result from the site.

Entertainment and Amusement:

It is also found that content that elicits high-arousal emotions such as delight, astonishment, excitement, awe, anger, frustration or anxiety got shared more than one that evoked low-arousal or deactivating emotions such as sadness.

A 61% of online users share interesting things; 43% share funny videos, and 29% share exclusive content. This is the major content marketing strategy and this strategy can pull up the site for getting a best result from the site.

  • What to do:Create creative content. Always try to write content that triggers positive and high arousal emotions. Try to make your headlines attractive. Comprise stories as they can make any piece of content attractive, outstanding, and shareable.

Practical Value:

Writing interesting and informative articles are highly shared due to their appealing and useful content. A 94% people evaluated the value of the content to the receiver before sharing.

What to do:

  • Create “how-to” type content that specifically addresses the most asked questions among your target audience,
  • Share tips to make a difficult concept/process easier to understand/implement.
  • This will help to generate more organic traffic from the search engines. Thus, the b2b content marketing includes the stress on the keywords and the next important thing is to get the content marketing plan.

Beliefs and Reasons:

People share content that closely mirrors their image, with 84% stating that they shared to show support to a cause they care about.

What to do:

Share your content in a way that truly resonates with who your readers are.

Some Apps that Help


SmartBrief newsletters display aggregated content daily on a specific topic. By subscribing to this application, you can contribute to a topic of your interest that matches with your business.  By commenting on articles or sharing it in your social network, you open new avenues for social networking and eventually gaining business.

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts offer highly relevant information and will inspire you to write great content when you scan the news daily. The best part, its FREE.

Use these valuable tips to create interesting content and share with your social network and gain an edge in your market.

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