Single-word keywords are never a good option for optimizing. You must avoid single-word keywords or avoid highly competitive keywords as they are too broad and display a plethora of results, which will be of no use to you. However, adding one or two words to make it a string creates effective results and draws high quality traffic on the website.

The goal of keyword is to find the most relevant results and either using short keywords or long-tailed ones will only reflect irrelevant results to you. In case the keywords are too technical in nature, they will not be of any use because only the people who either belong to the industry itself or are very closely associated with the industry can use them. So, select the keywords which layman could search and not only those familiar with the specific business segment. This means, those who are not well aware of the business and not know the ‘vocabulary’ of the business will not be able to locate your business at all.

Use Keyword Research Tools

It is recommended that you Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword tool, to find the most appropriate keywords that will fetch you results. These tools will assist in finding the least competitive, yet the most relevant, keywords for the domain or segment in which the business falls. The tool will display the most relevant search words that will optimize the business for the targeted traffic. Furthermore, you must ensure that you Check competitor’s keywords for ensuring that the concerned business is according to the others in the industry. Thus, only prospective customers visit your website, and you gain an edge over your competitors.

Avoid too Specific Keywords

Avoid keywords that are too specific or avoid keywords that are unpopular because it is highly possible that keywords relevant to your business, may not be commonly recognized. Apart from these, you can use many other strategies and techniques for enhancing the prospect of the business and the website. One among them is the PPC techniques, which is a very powerful and advanced way to market products and services.

Pay-per-Click helps you to gain relevant and qualified traffic on your website. You can also avail the email marketing and social network site promotion methodologies for successful marketing campaigns.

Make Sure The Keyword is Present in The Targeted Page

Once you select the keyword for SEO you need to make sure that the keyword should be present on the page which you are targeting. It will help to push the ranking up quickly. Do not forget to keep proper keyword density.

Target Geographical Keywords

Try to choose geographical keywords. If the business website is targeting local city or state choose local keywords and if it is targeting a country or continent make sure to choose the country level keywords.


The search marketing techniques form the basis for the selection of any marketing efforts, and when executed in the right way will create successful results.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies- Consider keyword variants, order, and combination

Did you know, most search engines differentiate between singular and plural forms of the same keyword? Thus if you optimize your web pages for a singular form, then you might miss out the benefits of search marketing techniques for plural form, and vice-versa.

Order of keywords matters, so ensure that you optimize all possible variations to achieve greater results, and keeps you ahead of the market competition.

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