Digital Marketing Weekly News 15th November

Check out Digital Marketing Weekly News Summary between 11th November to 15th November 2019.

Chrome May Warn Users of Slow Pages Before They Click

Google Chrome announced a plan to introduce badging as a way to encourage publishers to improve site speed. Google proposed a contextual menu on links that will tell users before they click, that a site is slow. The goal is to reward fast sites.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Twitter wants your feedback on its deepfake policy plans

Social media platform Twitter on Monday unveiled its plan for handling deep fake videos and other manipulated media and called for feedback from the public.

Source: Social Samosa

Instagram launches Reels in Brazil

After introducing multiple features inline with what distinguishes Snapchat as a platform, Instagram is now going after TikTok with Instagram Reels. This will allow users to create short videos, where they will be able to adjust the duration, speed and background music. Users will be able to put these videos on stories or DM them to friends. The features are similar to Instagram Music that was launched in India a few weeks ago.

Source: Social Samosa

YouTube to update Terms of Service next month

YouTube is now going to update its Terms of Service next month; can terminate access to services if the account is ‘no longer commercially viable’.

Source: Social Samosa

LinkedIn retargeting strategies: B2B advertising for the win

Because of its professional, content-heavy focus, LinkedIn gives B2B advertisers some unique capabilities to interact with users who are still in the funnel but have not converted.

Source: Search Engine Watch

YouTube updates shoppable ads

YouTube is introducing shoppable ads in YouTube home feed and search results, helping extend the reach of shopping campaigns.

Source: Social Samosa

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