Digital Marketing Weekly News 30th August' 19

Check out Digital Marketing Weekly News Summary between 25th August to 30th  August 2019 .

Advanced PPC Strategies for Your E-Commerce Site

Advanced PPC Strategies for Your E-Commerce Site


Source:Search Engine Journal

Twitter 6-second video bidding available to advertisers

Twitter has announced a 6-second video bid unit to advertisers globally to aid instant brand impact.

Source:Social Samosa

Google Begins Penalizing Domain Leasing
Google issues a warning about sites that lease out its own sub domains and sub folders so that other companies can rank their content better on leased domains. Well, now it seems Google is taking action by penalizing those sections of sites that have these leased out sections.

Source: SEO Round Table

This is all the summary of Digital Marketing Weekly News.Stay Tuned for more weekly news.

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