Digital Marketing Weekly News 29th November '19

Check out Digital Marketing Weekly News Summary between 25th November to 29th November 2019.

Twitter to Purge Accounts That Have Been Inactive for 6 Months

Twitter is reportedly planning to delete inactive accounts in an effort to free up usernames for other people.“Inactive” refers to accounts that haven’t logged in for the past 6 months – so an account that doesn’t engage with anything is still considered active as long as it has logged in.

Source: Search Engine Journal

How Instagram Explore works

It further reveals over half of Instagram users visit Explore every month. Find out how the platform filters out the most relevant content out of the numerous options for users.

They use an AI system based on a three-part ranking funnel equipped with lightweight modelling techniques, tools enabling high-velocity experimentation and more.

Source: Social Samosa

Snapchat rolls out new Bitmoji feature – Mix and Match

Snap has rolled out a Mix and Match option for Bitmoji on Android and iOS that lets you customize your virtual persona’s clothing on a piece-by-piece basis.

Source: Social Samosa

Snapchat Lets Advertisers Run Video Ads Up to 3 Minutes in Length

Snapchat is rolling out new options for advertisers, allowing them to run ads as long as three minutes.

The new ad units, called extended play commercials, can still be skipped after six seconds like other Snapchat ads. Extended-play commercials will be displayed as mid-roll ads, similar to shorter Snapchat commercials.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Shopping a Success in India

Google on India has declared that shopping has received strong responses from small and medium businesses that are connecting it to more buyers since the launch of the last year 2018. Now they are rolling out new features

Source: The Economic Times

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