Digital Marketing Weekly News 27th September' 19

Check out Digital Marketing Weekly News Summary between 23rd September to 27th September 2019.

Dates In URLs Are Fine

John Mueller and the Google webmaster account (probably also John Mueller) said that having the date in your URL is fine. In fact, many publishers do just that because having a unique ID in the URL used to be a requirement for Google News.

Source: SE Round Table

Fresher data in your site’s Search Performance report

With the new fresh data, users can now see data as recent as less than a day old – a significant improvement compared to the previous few days

Source: Google WebMaster Blog

More options to help websites preview their content on Google Search

These new options are available to content owners worldwide and will operate the same for results we display globally. We hope they make it easier to optimize the value you get from Search and achieve your business goals

Source: Google WebMaster Blog

Instagram might be introducing a button to upload different kinds of content

Instagram is testing a button on Profile that would let you upload different kinds of content.

Instagram New Test Button

Source: Social Samosa

Snapchat now allows marketers to post up to 3-minutes long ads

Snapchat has introduced a new ad format wherein brand marketers and advertisers can post Snap ads that are skippable and up to 3-minutes long.

Source: Social Samosa

Pinterest upgrades lenses; launches new shopping ads

Pinterest has rolled out new shopping ad formats, dynamic business profiles and is also upgrading lenses.
As people search, browse, shop, and discover new brands, the platform is introducing new tools and features to increase a brand’s discoverability and induce purchases.

Source: Social Samosa

This is all the summary of Digital Marketing Weekly News. Stay Tuned for more weekly news.

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