Digital Marketing Weekly News 20th September' 19

Check out Digital Marketing Weekly News Summary between 16th September to 20th September 2019.

Evolving “nofollow” – new ways to identify the nature of links

Google is introducing rel=ugc and rel=sponsored in addition to rel=nofollow and will be treating all three values as “hints” for its indexing system. They’re very unclear as to what the concrete effects of these hints will be, presumably because they will become part of the secret sauce of their ranking algorithm.

Source: Google Webmaster Blog

Facebook expands news tab; updates marketplace

The company has built also built a dashboard that allows publishers to see which of their articles are appearing on Today In, in reverse chronological order, along with a list of the communities where each article is appearing.

Source: Social Samosa

Making Review Rich Results more helpful

To make them more helpful and meaningful, Google is now introducing algorithmic updates to reviews in rich results

Source: Google Webmaster Blog

Snapchat Launches New 3D Snaps, which Display Depth as You Move Your Phone

Snapchat has added a new creative option, with 3D effects that will simulate depth within your captured images.

Source: Social Media Today

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