SEO Best Practices for 2015

The global business and Internet are inextricably interlinked. The exponential increase in the number of Internet users in the past few years has created an enormous online clientele. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy deployed by the online marketers to generate more traffic for a website. The best SEO practices that ought to be incorporated in your marketing plan for customer acquisition are as follows.

Mobile friendly website:

With smart phones and iPad flooding the market, the number of mobile Internet users is steadily on the rise. Thus, it is important to develop mobile friendly website and content for improving your brand visibility and customer acquisition. By optimizing your website to accommodate voice searches, you enhance the ability to be available to your users, anytime and anywhere.

Quality Content:

Using proper keywords is essential, but your primary focus should be on the quality of content. Today with stringent Google’s algorithms (Panda and Penguin), only superior quality content can take the league. Content using visuals and media are gaining precedence over plain textual content. Therefore, good SEO practices will inevitably contain content with relevant images and videos.

As most search engines value the content over the keywords for displaying top results, a graphically descriptive content will garner more popularity than a plain text. Furthermore, for writing superior quality content use suitable and relevant keywords with their synonyms that enhances the meaning of your content.

Adopt a conversational SEO marketing approach compatible with the search engine; because consumers today want more, they are not merely interested in reading superfluous content but informative and engaging piece.thus improving content writing skills is a prime need for all digital marketers.

Social Signals:

The latest search engine algorithms utilize social signals for promoting a website on its top page. Social signals in all of your social media pages thus act as important marker of the popularity and viability of your content. An increase in the number social signals can enable your site to acquire a higher position on the search engine ranking list (SERP). Thus, ensure, this important practice stays on your SEO best practices checklist.

Brand mentions and citations:

Today Google differentiates between “implied links” and express links.” Express links refers to URLs that direct to a website. Implied links, on the other hand, may include a mention/reference of a website or a brand without linking it back to the site. Because of misuse of the link building strategies, Google places an emphasis on brand citations and mentions (implied links), as these are tough to manipulate, for achieving higher SERP.

In 2015 best practices for SEO technique, implied links will play a critical role. Now, more businesses will measure and track brand mentions and citations, and thus the “dofollow” links will gain same prominence as “nofollowed” links.

For entrepreneurs it signifies; the quantity of citations and brand mentions will enable their content to gain more popularity through increased discussions.

Relevant back links from authority domains:

In 2015, the focus will continue on building robust backlinks. But what is different now is that search engines will interpret the backlinks to and fro a website. Both content and mention and citations will be given weightage by the search engines.So now you must focus on the discussing your brand or website and improve the relevance and social popularity of your content and have a proper link building strategy

Local SEO:

Local optimization of websites is steadily gaining importance. It allows the visibility of businesses to local users. The 2015 best practices for SEO is to incorporate long-tailed and short-tailed relevant and high-ranking keywords in your advertisements and on-site. Doing so, would allow you to achieve the true potential of your online business. How it works? You must include your city and state name, and phone number in every optimization starting from Title tag to web pages URLs. To beat the market competition you must opt for local SEO, which Google will recognize and promote your business on its top page.

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