SEO with LinkedIn

A LinkedIn Company page is an excellent opportunity for a business to promote its products and services, share useful, interesting and important updates and recruit good quality talent.

According to the latest statistics, LinkedIn has 414 million members. It’s a leading social networking site used by professionals world over, making it a must for companies to create their company pages on LinkedIn.

We all know that sharing content in our LinkedIn feed is essential for keeping our profile attractive and for strengthening our ties with the customer. Following on similar lines, keeping one’s company page lined with unique and engaging content can play a critical role in link building strategy in today’s times.

Because of the fact that Google indexes LinkedIn company pages, by optimizing the LinkedIn company page, we not reap in the benefits of being found in Google but also it will lead to increasing relevance for the company page across LinkedIn’s vertical search engine.

LinkedIn is the perfect meeting ground for search and social platforms. Although it is essentially a social media platform, it is in many ways quite similar to a search engine.

Just as in the case of SEO for Google search, Linked search rankings are based on :

  • Genuine high quality content
  • Keywords
  • Authority (engagement from audience)

Follow the following tactics to increase your audience engagement on Linkedin as well as boost SEO while spending minimal time on it.

Quality content

Content is one of the main factors which fuel all search engines and social networks. And LinkedIn is no different. Most of the top brands by recommendations also happen to be the ones which frequently share rich content on a regular basis. Thus it is important to approach LinkedIn from a search perspective like you approach Google. Remember to share rich quality content with relevant keywords on your LinkedIn company page.

Targeted content

One of the major goals of any marketing initiative is to increase engagement. While deciding your ranking in searches on their site, LinkedIn takes into consideration the level of engagement you offer on your company page. A universal truth in advertising is relevancy increases engagement. And relevancy can be increased by optimizing your LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn allows you to create variations of your services and products pages for catering to different audiences. Targeting can be done on the basis of industry, geography, seniority, job function and company size.

You also have the option to include upto 3 hyper-linked banner pictures to each of your company profile pages. Thus you can create a targeted campaign and measure your ROI from the company page. In gist, you must optimize your Linkedin company page in the same way as you  do landing page optimization of your website. One-size-fits-all approach usually never works in this age of customization. Thus it becomes essential to share targeted content for catering to different sections.

Encourage employee participation

Encourage your employees to be on Linkedin and associate themselves with the company. They can help spread the word by sharing the company’s updates on their personal feed. It is usually observed that those company which have a greater number of employees on Linkedin end up having more followers on their page. Thus encouraging your employees will work in two ways – active employees on Linkedin will help draw more company page followers. More company page followers correspond to a higher ranking in Linkedin search results. Also by this approach, you will enjoy more reach and increase the chances of potential interaction of your content with the prospects. As already mentioned engagement goes a long way in increasing your company’s ranking.

Bonus Tip

LinkedIn page optimization helps you achieve many things at the same time. Just remember to create high quality content, use it to write a blog, share it on your Linkedin company page and bask in the benefits of a higher search ranking on Google and Linkedin.

Want to take your Linkedin efficiency to the next level? Get in touch with us today and we will help you increase your visibility.

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