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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai
Our aim is not just to increase the number customers
but SATISFIED customers

What We Do!

Yelkotech based in Thane is one of the best data-driven Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai with a diversified client base and an experience of over a decade. We provide effective solutions for all your digital marketing needs.

Be it Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM) or many other services, we always push the envelope by creating a specific Digital Marketing campaign or a strategy for your brand/company/website.

More than the number of our esteemed clients (Monginis, Prime Focus, Pepper Fry, and the list goes on), it???s about putting them in a stronger position against their contemporaries in the industry and helping them reach their desired target market.

We are one of the very few companies who know ho to use the internet to our clients??? advantage, in order to improve their digital marketing performance and ROI. Our digital marketing analysts with their professional insights might change the way you perceive advertising.

Working with passion comes naturally to us, as we strive day in and day out to make things happen for our clients. We give your brand the identity it deserves with our productive and researched campaigns that strike the right chords with the audiences, who are your target market. Our team at Yelkotech is updated and familiar with everyday changing trends in the field of digital marketing, and that helps us craft your campaign in a better way which then results in detailed analysis of the process.

Why Us?

Yes, there are many digital marketing agencies who could do the same things for you in a short span at cost-effective rates. But for that, they have to use black hat techniques, something which is similar to the concept of black money and is unethical.

This results in a 100 % chance for your website to be blacklisted by Google, which, if done, might take years to get back on track. The Digital Marketing Services at Yelkotech are as white as one could imagine (probably whiter than Tide). Now we???re talking!

Not only do we use ethical ways to promote your business, we also stay up-to-date with what???s trending in the digital marketing industry and come up with new insights to promote your website/brand/company. Our digital marketing team first analyses your website and comes up with a detailed SEO and link-building strategy to improve the ranking of the same.

We then study your needs and carve out an all-in-one digital marketing campaign which is not just analytical but also impactful and creative.

After executing our marketing strategies and campaigns on different Digital Marketing Channels, we then focus on tracking. We???re constantly in touch with our clients and send them daily or weekly Analytical reports of our digital marketing campaigns, so that they are aware of the overall progress made. Analytics provide acumen to our marketing activities and turn them to a juggernaut, which in turn helps our clients??? brand.

And yes, we???re COST EFFECTIVE as well. We believe in the E-E-R process, that being of Experience, Expertise, and Results! So click on the Contact Us button to change the digital landscape of your website/brand/company. Try us (pun not indented)!

As a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai we are committed to make your business visible online and improve visibility day by day. Call us now and let???s discuss a complimentary online marketing strategy to get started for a new commercial success.

Few words about the Founder of Yelkotech


Pradeep Jade is the mastermind behind Yelkotech. Pradeep hold a ???Bachelor in Business Administration??? Degree. His first love is digital marketing; he likes to explore latest trends and technology in digital marketing. Pradeep has worked on many clients across USA, UK, Singapore, Canada, India, etc for different verticals.

Pradeep???s current responsibilities include develop customised digital marketing strategies, training the employees, interacting with clients. He likes to inspire the team and train the members with latest updates in the industry.